(sipp) un-numbered links

Mike O'Dell <mo@uunet.uu.net> Thu, 04 August 1994 06:13 UTC

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Subject: (sipp) un-numbered links
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To a first approximation, there is NO need for most serial links to
have addresses.  the station at the end of a link may need an address,
but the link endpoints do not, per force, require them.  there is
no need to reintroduce the dreaded 4.3 SLIP botch.  just use link
routes instead. think of it as a good opportunity to stamp out
senseless address consumption!

on the other hand, there ARE good reasons to assign addresses to
endpoints, but they have nothing to do with being able to forward packets.
one assigns addresses so that one can "ping" the interface, or
otherwise monitor it, but that is a mere operational convenience.
therefore, i'd be happier if they were set manually, without
autoconfig support, since "autoconfiguration" of a router is something
I think I don't want.

so, assign addresses to serial line endpoints if you want to monitor
them, but don't require them to forward packets across them - they
aren't needed.  and don't spend any time conjuring them out of thin
air - i want far more control over them than that.


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