[Sipping] SIP/IPv6 torture test and possible interaction with rfc3261 ABNF

"Vijay K. Gurbani" <vkg@lucent.com> Mon, 27 February 2006 23:40 UTC

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The sipping agenda is fairly full, so I decided to see if I can get
some friendly folks to read the sipping-ipv6-02 and get consensus on
an issue listed below in this email before asking for agenda time.

The I-D can be fetched from
and it provides a set of torture tests for IPv6 identifiers in SIP.

Based on the comments of the Vancouver IETF, I have pared the
draft down to individual test cases.  However, I really need folks,
especially implementors, to go through the draft and suggest new
test cases.

Also, there may be a possible interaction of the test cases with
the SIP ABNF for representing an IPv6 identifier in the Via header.

Here's the current ABNF for the "received" production rule.

via-received   =  "received" EQUAL (IPv4address / IPv6address)
IPv6address    =  hexpart [ ":" IPv4address ]
hexpart        =  hexseq / hexseq "::" [ hexseq ] / "::" [ hexseq ]
hexseq         =  hex4 *( ":" hex4)
hex4           =  1*4HEXDIG

Based on this, if there is an IPv6 address in the "received" parameter,
it would be represented as:

    Via: ...;received=2001::db8

i.e., *without* the "[" and "]" bracketing the address.  RFC2732
specifies the "[" and "]" format for IPv6 addresses in URL only.
So, not putting the "[" and "]" may be okay in a ";received"
parameter, especially given that parameter does not contain a port
which needs to be separated by a ":" from the IPv6 address.

Still, it seems appropriate that we should put the delimiting "["
and "]", and that is what sipping-ipv6-02 does right now.  That is,
it represents the Via with a ";received" parameter as:

    Via: ...;[received=2001::db8]

It would seem that specifying the via-received production rule as:

via-received   = "received" EQUAL (IPv4address / IPv6reference)

solves this problem since IPv6reference is defined as:

IPv6reference  =  "[" IPv6address "]"



- vijay
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