CERT changes in IETF last call -- please review

"Blake Ramsdell" <BlakeR@deming.com> Fri, 29 January 1999 01:04 UTC

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Subject: CERT changes in IETF last call -- please review
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These are the changes that I am making in MSG-07 that were requested during
IETF last call.

Let me know if I missed anything.

Changes from draft-ietf-smime-cert-06 to draft-ietf-smime-cert-07:

Changed "I-D" to "document" in section 1 (Russ Housley)
Added clarification to section 3.1 regarding emailAddress attribute from
PKCS #9 (Russ Housley)
Redid regarding Diffie-Hellman to clarify "doneness" (Russ Housley)
Clarified 4.4 regarding certificate extensions and profiling efforts (Russ
Clarified 2.3 regarding DSA parameters being scattered all over the
certificate chain, necessitating the transmission of the root certificate
(Jim Schaad)
Clarified 4.4.1 regarding basic constraints in end entity certificates (Jim
Changed an errant reference to [KEYM] to [SMIME-MSG] (Jim Schaad)
Removed certificate request language from section 1 (Jim Schaad)
Removed [CRMF] reference from section A (Jim Schaad)
Added reference to PKCS #1 v2 and DSS for signature algorithms in section
4.3 (Jim Schaad)
Fixed some language in 4.4 regarding syntax and semantics of extensions are
defined in [KEYM] (Jim Schaad)

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