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** Verify employees social security numbers and driving records
** Check your credit report
** Locate a lost loved one
** Find a phone number or e-mail address anywhere
** Search for a job
** View your FBI files
** Check who gave to political campaigns
** Disease control, census data, maps...

All of this information is yours courtesy of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION
ACT and the resources of the Internet.  You don9t need to be an
investigator, you don9t need a lawyer- you just need to know how to use
the Internet.

CareyCo has published a handbook to help you access this information. 
Perfect for law firms, human resources personnel, job hunters, and
individuals (you can even look up the driving record of the person that
hit you!).   

We are offering this guide full of resources like those listed above and
many more for an introductory price of $12.95.   If your order is received
BEFORE October 31, 1996, shipping is FREE (after Oct. 31, add $2.00).  

To order, send a check or money order (no cash, please) to:
   7621 Maple Street Suite 101
   New Orleans, LA 70118

If you have any questions, email us at

Take care and happy surfing!

CAREYCO Internet Information Services
7621 Maple Street Suite 101
New Orleans, LA 70118