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John C Klensin <> Wed, 01 January 1997 19:41 UTC

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On Wed, 01 Jan 1997 12:52:09 +0000 ben <> 

> hi,
> I am looking for a way to include email parameters in html eg..
> mailto:WHATEVER YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS! ?subject=You can also 
> put an automatic subject here!


MAILTO URLs won't do it -- they are address-only.  There was 
some discussion a year or two ago about a different URL type 
that would be specific to things like subscription requests to 
mail-based responders (e.g., mailing list managers).  It would 
have had somewhat more capability than MAILTO, but less than 
I'd guess from your example that you are seeking. 

The obnoxious, narrow-minded guy who was then IETF Area 
Director for Applications shot the idea down because of a 
conviction that, if one was going to create a second email URL 
type, it was time to get it right and solve at least 95% of the 
problem, rather than improving on MAILTO's 10% solution with a 
40% solution.

And I think that people then stopped thinking about it -- I 
don't recall hearing anything since.