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Welcome to the modemmgt mailing list!

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Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in
case you don't already have it:

		   MODEMMGT - Working Group Charter
			    April 5, 1993

   Mark S. Lewis <Mark.S.Lewis@Telebit.COM>

Network Management Area Director:
   Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>

   Mailing list:  modemmgt@Telebit.COM (Majordomo)
   MIB archive:   ftp.telebit.com:/pub/modemmgt/mibs (anonymous)
   List archive:  

Description of Working Group:

The modem management working group is charted to define a set of
managed objects for modems and similar devices.  This set of objects
will be the minimum necessary to provide the ability to monitor and
control the devices.

The working group will consider existing specifications including
the RS-232-Like, the Character, the PPP and other general MIBs.
It will consider enterprise extensions made by various vendors to
support modems and like devices.

The working group will also consider the TSB Study Group 14s work on
an OSI CMIS/CMIP object definition for V series DCEs entitled "Managed
Object Template for V-Series DCE's."  It will coordinate the related
work of Technical Subcommittee TR-30.4 of the Telecommunications
Industry Association (TIA) towards the conversion of V.im Management
Information Model to an SNMP compliant MIB.

The MIB object definitions produced will be for use by SNMP and will be
consistent with existing SNMP standards and framework.

Goals and Milestones:

   Apr 93   Meet with TR-30.4
   Apr 93   Select author(s) and/or editor
   May 93   Post an internet-draft of Modem MIB
   Jul 93   Initial public discussion at IETF and TR-30.4
   Jul 93   Post a revised internet-draft of Modem MIB
   Sep 93   Public discussion of modifications at IETF and TR-30.4
   Oct 93   Complete at least 2 implementations
   Nov 93   Final public discussion at IETF and TR-30.4
   Dec 93   Working group submits MIB to become RFC