Re: revised postmaster doc, support helpdesk?

Einar Stefferud <> Wed, 21 April 1993 09:44 UTC

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I now agree with Russ, having sat on my hands while mulling it over.

The msg from ATTHELP helped to clinch it in my mind.

What I see coming is a great confusion in the X.400 world as they try
to use HELPDESK and ATTHELP and other variations that will degrade the
quality of POSTMASTER service.  

Yes, we are defining a special kind of service, and its quality is of
great importantce to us, else we would not bother to publish this RFC.

I think we should stand asisde from the X.400 HELPDESK mess, and stick
to our Postmasterly Affairs.  We can do something about our part of
the world, and if we set a good example, others may (or may not)

HELPDESK does not imply anything to do with POSTAL SERVICE, and POSTAL
SERVICE is what our issue is all about.  HELPDESK can mean help for
anything on your mind, which may include mail problems too.