Consolidation of mailing lists

Marshall Rose <> Fri, 07 May 1993 15:49 UTC

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Subject: Consolidation of mailing lists
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Date: Fri, 07 May 1993 08:48:47 -0700
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From: Marshall Rose <>

With the publication of the SNMPv2 RFCs, the WGs for SNMPv2 and SNMP
Security have completed their charter.  The SNMPv2 mailing list will
remain open as a discussion forum.

When the SNMPv2 RFCs are eligible for standards-track evaluation, the
SNMPv2 working group will be re-chartered accordingly.  However, in
order to avoid some of the procedural problems encountered earlier,
there will be a single WG (and mailing list) for SNMPv2, the SNMPv2 WG.
The SNMP Security WG will not be re-chartered.

Toward this goal, the SNMP Security mailing list is being dismantled.
If you subscribe to

but do not subscribe to

PLEASE send a note to

and ask to be added to the snmp2 list.

The SNMP Security mailing list will be dismantled at month's end.

As always, I encourage any discussion of SNMPv2-related matters,
especially those relating to implementation, to take place on the snmp2