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Mike Daniele <> Tue, 27 May 1997 12:54 UTC

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>is anyone using GateD?

Yes. :-)

>i m trying to remotely change the ip routing table of a linux machine
>running GateD.

>does anyone knows how to do this using snmp? is GateD snmp-enabled?

RFC 1213 (mib-2) defines an ipRouteTable that has writeable objects,
so one would perform SNMP Set operations on rows of that table, in order
to change a remote routing table.

This table has been superceeded by RFC 1354 (IP forwarding table MIB), which
was superceeded by RFC 2096, so things get a bit confusing as to which
particular objects are implemented by any particular SNMP agent.
I would guess that the mib-2 iprouteTable is still the most prevalent.

>is GateD snmp-enabled?
Essentially, yes.  gated code contains SNMP-aware pieces.

This is typically for SNMP support of the routing protocols,
not of the ipRouteTable.  But I'm not sure if that should matter to
you.  The kernel has to know about ip routes, and typically on unix
systems there is a mechanism to modify the kernel's routing tables.
So I don't think you necessarily need SNMP-enabled gated.

I don't know any specifics about Linux.

You ought to check w/ Linux folks directly, for instance