InternationalDisplayString TC and unicode characters

Mark Ellison <> Fri, 25 April 1997 14:11 UTC

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From: Mark Ellison <>
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Subject: InternationalDisplayString TC and unicode characters
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Has anyone any implementation experience with the
InternationalDisplayString Textual Convention
as defined in rfc1514?

Do examples exist of the "local algorithm", as
mentioned in rfc1514, to be used by network management
stations to determine  "which character set" is in
use and "how it should be displayed"?

How does unicode character (16 bit encoding)
representation fit into the InternationalDisplayString

Would I be better off defining a new Unicode TC,
or, would I be better off putting the Unicode
characters into network byte order, and calling
it an InternationalDisplayString?  How will
network management stations, like HP Openview
handle the display of unicode strings?


Mark Ellison
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