RE: converstion of a v2 notification to v1 trap

David Perkins <> Wed, 21 May 1997 07:35 UTC

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From: David Perkins <>
Subject: RE: converstion of a v2 notification to v1 trap
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It looks like MOSY v7.2 is not doing the correct translation.
Here is what you get from SMICng v2.1.03:

-- MIB created 5/21/97 00:16:43, by
--   SMICng version 2.1.03(PRO)(MS-DOS32), February 12, 1997.


-- From file: "rfc2037.mi2"

            FROM SNMPv2-SMI-v1
    TDomain, TAddress, DisplayString, AutonomousType, RowPointer, 
            FROM SNMPv2-TC-v1
            FROM RFC-1212
            FROM RFC-1215;

... stuff deleted here

entConfigChange TRAP-TYPE
-- Reverse mappable trap
    ENTERPRISE entityMIBTraps
--  Status
--    mandatory
        "An entConfigChange trap is sent when the value of 
        entLastChangeTime changes. It can be utilized by an NMS to 
        trigger logical/physical entity table maintenance polls. 
        An agent must not generate more than one entConfigChange 
        'trap-event' in a five second period, where a 'trap-event' 
        is the transmission of a single trap PDU to a list of trap 
        destinations.  If additional configuration changes occur 
        within the five second 'throttling' period, then these 
        trap-events should be suppressed by the agent. An NMS should 
        periodically check the value of entLastChangeTime to detect 
        any missed entConfigChange trap-events, e.g. due to 
        throttling or transmission loss."
    ::= 1

... stuff deleted here



/, David T. Perkins
Date: 05/21/97, Time: 00:21:20