RE: Liaison to Q6/15 and Meeting Questions...

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Subject: RE: Liaison to Q6/15 and Meeting Questions...
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Thread-Topic: Liaison to Q6/15 and Meeting Questions...
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Hi Greg/all,
     I think we do have a consensus on the relative roles of Q6 and
CCAMP with regard to the WSON work. It seems to me that the questions
Don put up earlier, along with the set of questions you have below, form
an excellent starting point for questions we should put forth to Q6 in
its upcoming meeting. In addition to everything else I would also add :
FOADM/ROADM/OXC charcterization, i.e. are there any general
characterization/parametrization we can use? In particular is there a
way to characterize the loss in a photonic network taking into account
the filter characteristics of these devices?
Rajender Razdan


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Subject: Liaison to Q6/15 and Meeting Questions...

Hi folks, we seem to be re-iterating some issues that I thought we had
reached consensus on. However in this conversation some good questions
have arisen for the special CCAMP/Q6 meeting.
I thought we had consensus that CCAMP will not define new optical
impairments, parameters, etc... but we will use ITU-T existing
definitions. If we think we need something we will bring this up with
Q6. The response we've seen from Q6 so far has been very positive in
working together in this area. 

Some potential questions and areas for discussion:
(a) WDM Link characterization  -- G.680 gives lots of examples in
appendices but does not actually specify yet. There are a host of other
ITU-T documents that cover fiber, amplifiers, dispersion compensation
modules, etc... So we'll want Q6's input on a somewhat self contained
(b) Receiver characterization -- Is there are general
characterization/parameterization we should use?
(c) Transmitter characterization -- Similar question
(d) Signal characterization -- There are a number of different documents
in this area, some are specific to SDH, some are very general WDM
interface characterizations; Guidance would be welcome so that we don't
over specialize.
(e) Measurements -- G.697 seems to give a rough framework on
applications of measurement, types of measurements, measurement
parameters. Is this a good place for anyone investigating the
relationship between control plane and optical measurements to start?
Other recommendations/ideas.
(f) Characterization of optical parameters -- (feedback from Q6 desired)
parameters that are NE wide, apply to each port, apply between
particular ports (port-to-port), frequency dependence of parameters
(important for info model and encoding)

Other questions for Q6 from CCAMP?

Best Regards


Dr Greg Bernstein, Grotto Networking (510) 573-2237