Liaison to Q6/15 and Meeting Questions...

Greg Bernstein <> Thu, 12 March 2009 15:52 UTC

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Subject: Liaison to Q6/15 and Meeting Questions...
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Hi folks, we seem to be re-iterating some issues that I thought we had 
reached consensus on. However in this conversation some good questions 
have arisen for the special CCAMP/Q6 meeting.
I thought we had consensus that CCAMP /*will not define new optical 
impairments, parameters, etc... but we will use ITU-T existing 
definitions. If we think we need something we will bring this up with 
Q6. */The response we've seen from Q6 so far has been very positive in 
working together in this area.

Some potential questions and areas for discussion:
(a) WDM Link characterization  -- G.680 gives lots of examples in 
appendices but does not actually specify yet. There are a host of other 
ITU-T documents that cover fiber, amplifiers, dispersion compensation 
modules, etc... So we'll want Q6's input on a somewhat self contained model.
(b) Receiver characterization -- Is there are general 
characterization/parameterization we should use?
(c) Transmitter characterization -- Similar question
(d) Signal characterization -- There are a number of different documents 
in this area, some are specific to SDH, some are very general WDM 
interface characterizations; Guidance would be welcome so that we don't 
over specialize.
(e) Measurements -- G.697 seems to give a rough framework on 
applications of measurement, types of measurements, measurement 
parameters. Is this a good place for anyone investigating the 
relationship between control plane and optical measurements to start? 
Other recommendations/ideas.
(f) Characterization of optical parameters -- (feedback from Q6 desired) 
parameters that are NE wide, apply to each port, apply between 
particular ports (port-to-port), frequency dependence of parameters 
(important for info model and encoding)

Other questions for Q6 from CCAMP?

Best Regards


Dr Greg Bernstein, Grotto Networking (510) 573-2237