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I fumbled this incoming communication that arrived at the end of February.

You can find it at and the attachment at


Dear Adrian and Deborah,

We have been working on multi-domain restoration requirements in the Carrier 
Working Group in OIF.

The attached document includes mutually agreed requirements from multiple 
carriers. It focuses on restoration across multiple domains, and presents 
several failure scenarios. It considers intra-domain restoration, 
inter-domain restoration, and the coordination required across multiple 
domains for each case. It represents an addendum to the previously sent 
requirements document (oif.2006.134.02), and it focuses on multi-domain 
service recovery using E-NNI interfaces.

As we continue work on multi-domain restoration, we would appreciate if 
CCAMP will take these requirements into consideration in further CCAMP work 
on GMPLS recovery.

We will be happy to have a dialog with CCAMP, if you have any questions or 
comments on these requirements.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Lyndon Ong
OIF Technical Committee Chair