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I don't think that is the correct patent.  More likely the one I list here:

United States Patent  5,517,494
Green  May 14, 1996

Method and system of multicast routing for groups with a single transmitter

A method of implementing a multicast routing protocol in routers is provided
to manage the assignment of multicast transport addresses and to forward
data from a single transmitting endpoint to multiple receiving endpoints.
This method in conjunction with a method for implementing the multicast
routing protocol as a transport protocol layer service for endpoints
provides an internet wide multicast transport service. The multicast
transport service provides the capability of transmitting data from a single
source to multiple receivers on interconnected networks efficiently and
without having to send duplicate copies of the data on any single network.
Routers and endpoints transmit and receive multicast packets in a manner
which is independent of the network layer datagram protocols used by the
multicast transport service. Multicast control packets are exchanged using a
multicast transaction protocol which allows routers and endpoints to execute
transactions in a manner that does not require either routers to know the
state of specific endpoints or endpoints to know the state of specific

Inventors:  Green; Mark A. (Albany, CA)
Assignee:  Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA)
Appl. No.:  316081
Filed:  September 30, 1994

Current U.S. Class: 370/408
Intern'l Class:  H04L 012/46; H04L 012/56
Field of Search:  395/200,325 370/58.1,54,60,85.13,85.14

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> Subject: [ssm] Apple patent search
> Folks -
> I can't say that this is the patent in question, but it looks
> most likely from the list of Apple assigned stuff in the time frame.
> Take a look at:
> enter:  6,189,034
> "Method and apparatus for dynamic launching of a teleconferencing
> application upon receipt of a call
> Abstract
> In a computer system having a memory, a processor, and a network
> interface, a method for dynamically launching a conferencing application
> upon the receipt of an incoming call having the steps of: receiving an
> incoming call signal on the network interface; processing the incoming
> call signal to detect an intended recipient application; and launching the
> intended recipient application. An apparatus for dynamically launching a
> conferencing application upon the receipt of an incoming call having a
> call directing module; a process manager coupled to the call directing
> module; and, a conferencing component coupled to the network interface;
> and the call directing module; the conferencing component containing a
> circuit for notifying the call directing module upon receipt of an
> incoming call and causing the call director to signal the process manager
> to activate a conferencing application.
> Inventors: Riddle; Guy (Los Gatos, CA)
> Assignee: Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA)
> Appl. No.: 646503
> Filed: May 8, 1996
> Note the prior art reference: 5,373,549
>  Multi-level conference management and notification
> Abstract
> A multi-level conference in which an originator of a telephone conference
> of the multi-level conference controls the parties that can be added to
> that conference and can terminate any party at any time. Further, if two
> existing telephone conferences are combined together to form the
> multi-level conference, the party that originated the combining of these
> two conference calls can control not only the parties on its conference
> call but can disconnect all of the parties on the second conference call.
> In addition, the control of the conference resides in the telephone
> terminals being utilized by the participants, rather than in a centralized
> service computer. Information concerning the conference and control of the
> conference is communicated between the telephone terminals utilizing the
> standard telecommunication communication control channel and does not
> require the establishment of a separate data call to a centralized service
> computer. In addition, the telephone terminals display the names and
> telephone numbers of parties on the multi-level conference and identifies
> parties controlling the individual conferences. In addition, when two
> conferences are combined together, each originator of a conference
> maintains control over their subconference and can independently separate
> that subconference from the other conference in a multi-level conference.
> Inventors: Bales; Bruce M. (Louisville, CO); Crumpley; Robert L.
> (Westminster, CO); Gallagher; Donald D. (Boulder, CO); Thieler; Stephen M.
> (Boulder, CO)
> Assignee: AT&T Corp. (Murray Hill, NJ)
> Appl. No.: 996348
> Filed: December 23, 1992
> Then see:
> for early PIM and multicast related drafts.
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