[ssm] another last call for draft-ietf-ssm-arch - ending 3/24

Hugh Holbrook <holbrook@cisco.com> Sun, 02 March 2003 10:14 UTC

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Hi, folks.  

I've just submitted draft-ietf-ssm-arch-02.txt to the internet draft
repository.  Until it shows up, you can retrieve it from


There were enough changes to the draft that I'd like to do one more
working group last call.  I've included below the list of changes from
my last mail.  The only other change was that I changed a SHOULD (for
ignoring non-source-specific requests) in section 8 to a MUST, to be
consistent with Section 5.2.

I would particularly appreciate any comments on the Security
Considerations section, as this has seen the least review.

This last call expires March 24th.


- [pavlin] Added text: OS API should return an error for a (*,G)
  request on an SSM address.

- [pavlin] Added a note about limitations of SSM.  (1) Any
  multi-source aspect apps must be implemented in the application
  layer.  (2) SSM does not support network-layer resource discovery.

- [pekka/brian] Added clarification about the SSM address range
        FF3x::/32 is reserved for SSM
           P=1 and T=1 and plen=0 is required.
        Thus, FF3x::/96 is the actual range today because 
           network prefix field must be zero
        But we leave open the possibility of putting something else in the
           network prefix field.

- [pavlin] Changed erroneous FF2x:: to FF3x::

- [pekka] New text on administrative scoping to describe admin-scoping
  in v6 and to clarify that there is none for IPv4.

- [pekka] New text on source routing: A router SHOULD NOT allow
  source-routing to an SSM addr; MAY have a config option to allow it

- [me/bweis/mbaugher] 
  Add security considerations text describing the IPSec/SSM issue.

- Minor things:

  - [pavlin] Use consistent capitalization on v6 addresses
  - [me] Use consistent capitalization of Source-Specific
  - [pavlin] id-nits
    - Removed references from abstract and shortened it
    - Modified address ranges
    - Added IPR notice and Copyright Statement.
  - [brad] Changed author mailing address

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