SSPHWG list direction

"J. Paul Holbrook" <ph@SEI.CMU.EDU> Thu, 05 April 1990 01:44 UTC

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Subject: SSPHWG list direction
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 90 21:44:01 EDT
From: "J. Paul Holbrook" <ph@SEI.CMU.EDU>

I think there's a little confusion about the purpose of this list.  In
the next day or so, Joyce and I will send out a more complete
statement of where we'd like to see this working group go; however, a
short statement now might be useful.

The SSPHWG list is for discussions about security policy and the goals
and directions of the Security Policy Handbook Working Group.  The
messages about passwords earlier today are certainly useful, but
might be more appropriate to a more general security list.

One such list is the cert-tools list, a moderated discussion list about
security tools and techniques.  If you'd like more information about
that list, contact

We've been waiting for the requests to join the list to slow down
before getting started.  We're glad to see that people are eager see
where the group is going.

J. Paul Holbrook