Security area monthly report

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[Note to cc recipients: This is my portion of the IESG's input to the
Internet monthly report.  The cc list includes the security area
working groups and the PSRG.  Send me desires for adds or deletes.]

Security Area Monthly Report

A new working group was formed to formulate a handbook for site
security.  This is the Site Security Policy Handbook Working Group
(SSPHWG) co-chaired by Joyce Reynolds (ISI) and Paul Holbrook (CERT/SEI).

        Paul Holbrook/CERT ph@SEI.CMU.EDU
        Joyce K. Reynolds/USC-ISI jkrey@ISI.EDU
	General discussion:
        To subscribe:

This group will hold its first meeting at the Pittsburgh IETF meeting
in May.

The Security Policy WG, chaired by Rich Pethia, plans to hold a one
day meeting at the NRI in Reston, VA on April 17.  It will also meet
at the Pittsburgh IETF meeting.

Implementations of Privacy Enhanced Mail based on RFCs 1113, 1114, and
1115, which came from the IRTF's Privacy and Security Research Group,
are advancing.  There will be a presentation and perhaps even a demo
at the Pittsburgh IETF meeting.