[tcpm] Re: WGLC: comments on 2581bis

Mark Allman <mallman@icir.org> Tue, 04 December 2007 19:30 UTC

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Thanks for the comments.

> ---
> 1) SMSS
> - I think the document should also refer to PLPMTUD as a valid
> IETF-specified way to choose a segment size.

Fair enough.  I am adding a reference.

> ---
> 2) RMSS
> - The wording in the draft is not clear  whether this is an upper
> bound to the SMSS, or just one of many ways to discover a sensible

The latter.  I guess I am not quite sure what to do with this comment.

> - Is the default RMSS still 536 bytes also for IPv6, since [RFC1122]
> does not apply in this context to IPv6.

I think so.  Are you suggesting here that we specify a different value
when we're going over IPv6?  I am not sure if that is a 2581bis thing or
a 1122bis thing.

> 3) ECN
> - The document speaks only of loss, but I'm assuming that this applies
> equally to ECN. If that is so, perhaps we should explicitly say so up-front.

In the intro to section 3 I have put these words:

    Also note that the algorithms specified in this document work in
    terms of using loss as the signal of congestion.  Explicit
    Congestion Notification (ECN) could also be used as discussed in

Does this work?


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