tcpsat mailing list administravia

Mark Allman <> Thu, 24 October 2002 03:40 UTC

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Cc: Aaron Falk <falk@ISI.EDU>
From: Mark Allman <>
Subject: tcpsat mailing list administravia
Organization: BBN Technologies/NASA GRC
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 23:40:54 -0400
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I understand that the spam problem on some of the IETF-ish lists
hosted at NASA GRC is getting fairly bad.  (I siphon off all the
chud before I have to look at it, so it has not bothered me too
much.)  So, somewhat relunctantly, I have closed the tcpsat list off
to posts from non-subscribers.  As I understand things, anything
from someone who is not subscribed should bounce to me for approval.
I will endeavor to handle such requests quickly.  Since the list is
for a dormant WG and the traffic is pretty low volume (yet, bursty)
I imagine this will not cause a huge problem for people.  But, drop
me a note offline if you have issues.


Mark Allman -- NASA GRC/BBN --