SNPA 2003 CFP - First IEEE Workshop on Sensor Network Protocols and Applications

Eylem Ekici <> Fri, 20 September 2002 19:24 UTC

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From: Eylem Ekici <>
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Subject: SNPA 2003 CFP - First IEEE Workshop on Sensor Network Protocols and Applications
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Our apologies if you have received multiple copies of this CFP.

                          CALL FOR PAPERS

                             SNPA 2003
                First IEEE International Workshop on 
              Sensor Network Protocols and Applications

                  in Conjunction with IEEE ICC 2003
                            May 11, 2003

SNPA 2003:
ICC 2003:

Submission Deadline: October 22, 2002



Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are fast emerging as a new sensing
paradigm based on the collaborative effort of large number of sensors
deployed close to or inside the phenomenon to be observed, and have the
potential of providing diverse services to numerous applications. The
realization of WSNs require intensive technical research efforts
especially in power aware scalable wireless ad hoc communications
protocols due to their unusual application requirements and unique
constraints such as
- WSNs are generally composed of large number of nodes that have limited
  computational and storage capacity.
- In many applications, sensor nodes are expected to be randomly scattered
  in unreachable regions.
- The lifetime of a sensor network is generally limited to the battery
  lifetime of sensor nodes.

SNPA 2003 is intended to provide a forum for researchers to present their
contributions as technical papers related to communication protocols for
WSNs, data management, access, aggregation and fusion techniques, and
sensor network applications. The papers solicited in SNPA 2003 cover a
variety of topics including but not limited to:

- Communication protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks at all layers 
- Novel sensor network applications and services
- Self organizing and scalable sensor network architectures
- Software platforms and tools for sensor network application development
- Energy efficient medium access control, error control, and traffic 
  management protocols
- Energy efficient system services such as localization and time
- Robust distributed algorithms for collaborative processing
- Mechanisms, protocols and algorithms for authenticated, secure
- Application specific network and system services, including data-centric
  routing, attribute based addressing and location management
- Data querying and dissemination
- Data compression, association, aggregation and fusion


The papers should confirm with 
ICC 2003 paper format and can be up to 11 pages long.
Authors should submit a PDF version of their paper to 


            Manuscript Due: October 22, 2002
   Acceptance Notification: December 17, 2002
      Final Manuscript Due: January 14, 2003
             Workshop Date: May 11, 2003



Erdal Cayirci (
Department of Computer Engineering
Istanbul Technical University
Istanbul, Turkey

Taieb Znati (
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260 


- Sebnem Baydere (Yeditepe University) 
- Azzedine Boukerche (University of North Texas) 
- Erdal Cayirci (Istanbul Technical University) 
- Eylem Ekici (Ohio State University) 
- Deborah Estrin (UCLA) 
- Zygmunt Haas (Cornell)
- Ahmed Helmy (USC) 
- John Heidemann (ISI) 
- George Kesidis (Penn State) 
- Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC) 
- Sri Kumar (DARPA) 
- Geng-Sheng Kuo (National Chengchi University) 
- Ioannis Stavrakakis (University of Athens) 
- Stephen Olariu (Old Dominion University) 
- Sergio Palazzo (University of Catania) 
- Chiara Petrioli (Roma University) 
- Parmesh Ramanathan (University of Wisconsin) 
- Suresh Singh (Portland State University) 
- Roy Sumit (University of Washington) 
- Stephen Wicker (Cornell) 
- Adam Wolisz (Technical University of Berlin) 
- Michele Zorzi (Universita' di Ferrara) 


Eylem Ekici (
Department of Electrical Engineering
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210


Sponsored by the following IEEE Communications Society Technical Committees:

* Tactical Communications
* Personal Communications
* Radio Communications