TCP-Peach implementation.

Mark Allman <> Tue, 03 December 2002 13:30 UTC

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From: Mark Allman <>
Subject: TCP-Peach implementation.
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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 16:34:39 +0100
From: Giacomo Morabito <>
Subject: TCP-Peach implementation.

Dear friends,

recently a congestion control protocol called TCP-Peach was introduced.
The protocol is defined in:

Ian F. Akyildiz, Giacomo Morabito and Sergio Palazzo
TCP-Peach: A New Congestion Control Scheme for Satellite IP Networks
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
June 2001.

At University of Catania we just finished the implementation of
(with some modifications) under Linux ver. 2.2.17 operating system.
Implementation of the protocol was carried out by Renato Narcisi and
Antonio Panto'
and partially supported by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) under contract
ACE-ASI I/R/1797/01.

If you wish, you can download it at the following URL:

Please feel free to use it as you wish.
Any feedback is very welcome.

Thank you and have a nice week-end,


- --
Giacomo Morabito

Assistant Professor
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica
e delle Telecomunicazioni
University of Catania

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