Re: Two telnet line mode ?

William Chops Westfield <> Sun, 01 May 1994 05:35 UTC

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         I am preparing the Telnet presentation, I found there are two line
      modes in Telnet which are kludge line mode (line-at-a-time) and linemode
      (real line mode).
         Could you please tell me what's the difference between these two line
      modes. Any information would be highly appreciated.

In "kludge line mode", all you have is "line mode" or "no line mode", and
it is left for the telnet client to determin what consitutes line
terminators, editing characters, and so on.  This is somewhat useful
on hosts that have a genuine "line mode" orientation.

In "real line mode", there is sufficient negotiation of those parameters
that line mode becomes useful on "sort-of" line mode systems like unix,
which are frequently interpretting commands line-at-a-time, but have so many
user-settable options within a line that the kludge line mode is