Re: Telnet line or record limit?

Josh Osborne <> Thu, 21 April 1994 22:21 UTC

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Subject: Re: Telnet line or record limit?
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>Is there a limit to the size of a Telnet line or record?  I could not 
>find any limit in the RFCs.  I realize that a terminal screen size 
>limits the number of characters, but Telnet could also be used
>for applications other than remote login.

Also for a remote login various terminal escape sequences will take
more then the number of charactor positions on a terminal screen to
fill a line.  (think u^H_n^H_d^H_e^H_r^H_l^H_i^H_n^H_e^H_i^H_n^H_g^H_
(underlining by sending char backspace undebar) for example).