Telnet line or record limit?

Tom Schlender <> Thu, 21 April 1994 18:04 UTC

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From: Tom Schlender <>
Organization: Unisys Corp., Roseville, MN
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 12:49:58 CST
Subject: Telnet line or record limit?
Priority: normal
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We recently ran into a situation where a misbehaving Telnet client was 
streaming input to the server.  The server was buffering up the
input, waiting for the carriage return/line feed.  This caused many
of its buffers to be consumed.

Is there a limit to the size of a Telnet line or record?  I could not 
find any limit in the RFCs.  I realize that a terminal screen size 
limits the number of characters, but Telnet could also be used
for applications other than remote login.  If there is not
a limit, how do other Telnet implementations handle this case?
Any ideas?

Thank you.
Tom Schlender          
Unisys Corporation               Phone: (612) 635-5621
Roseville, MN