Re: [TERNLI] Forwarding corrupt packets

Gorry Fairhurst <> Mon, 04 September 2006 13:05 UTC

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So, I had missed this being discussed (sorry).

I'm quite confused about several things:

* In Section 3 it says:
    The SCTP endpoint can inform its peer that it has received an SCTP
    packet, but the CRC-32 was wrong.

I presume though that the receiver can somehow verfy that the original 
packet has been sent with a particular IP source, and protocol. How?

I'm curious also here how you know some details

* How do you find the process to respond to (since ports are not 
protected by an IP checksum)?

* How do you verify this isn't a third-party DoS attack, because 
presumably you can't rely on sequence numbers, ports, etc to help you?

* I think I could have missed it, but what is the mechanism by which an 
IP packet passes through the node and receives a treatment that leaves 
it with a corrupted CRC-32 at the transport layer, but some (reliable) 
understanding of the content (IP addresses, length, protocol, etc).

* If you return a message from a mid-box, how do you know that routers 
down-stream of the mid-box would have forwared this packet?


Michael Tuexen wrote:
> Dear all,
> for SCTP there is an ID
> which sends back a packet to the sender if the receiver detects a  
> transport
> layer checksum failure...
> Best regards
> Michael
> On Sep 4, 2006, at 9:59 AM, Michael Welzl wrote:
>>> The question is the impact of the bad packet.