Re: TIP - BEGIN message - is it useful ?

Tom Freund <> Fri, 08 August 1997 10:15 UTC

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From: Tom Freund <>
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Subject: Re: TIP - BEGIN message - is it useful ?
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Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 09:45:35 +0000
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     Peter's attached justification for a client BEGIN is a very interesting
scenario. I'd be very
interested in understanding the details and how the different servers register
with the
initial 'server' TM using TIP. This seems to illustate what has been referred
to in some
products as coordinator migration (and also the equivalent of what an OTS
explicit factory
begin provides) in terms of capabilities ... i.e. allowing the client to
demarcate the work unit
but locate the coordinator responsibility external to the client.


> There needs to be more justification for the presence in TIP of the BEGIN
> message.

> The possible use of BEGIN/BEGUN is where the client is going to use the TIP
> URL to identify its application messages as being part of the transaction,
> send several such messages (possibly to different servers, hoping the
> others correctly use PULL to register with the initial server's TM), and
> then tell the initial server it is ok to try to commit. (This has a
> one-to-one correspondence with the semantics of OTS interactions, I
> believe)