[Tmrg] How new idea is proposed?

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Subject: [Tmrg] How new idea is proposed?
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Greetings Milenkoski A.,

Yes, ideas published papers can certainly be used in internet drafts and RFCs.

An RFC is the end result of a long process.  (The name "request for
comments" is historic.)  The first step is to write an "internet
draft".  Anyone can write one of those, and submit it either
privately, through an IETF working group, or through an IRTF research
group such as TMRG.

However, if your aim is to receive prompt feedback, then simply
sending the idea to a mailing list is probably the best.  Then people
can give you advice about how to go about writing an internet draft,
or what you should do before going through that process.

Please write an email describing the basic idea, and giving the URL of
the published paper or some such, and we can hope it stimulates some


On 13 February 2010 23:32, Aleksandar Milenkoski <milenkoski at uacs.edu.mk> wrote:
> Hello, and greetings to all.
> Since i am new here, i have few things which i would like to have answered
> by the more experienced members of TMRG.
> 1) If a new idea (which concerns TMRG research interest) is proposed and
> published in paper, can it be later defined in RFC, in order to obtain
> feedback from knowledgeable people in this area (like you, members of TMRG)?
> 2) If RFC can be written, who will be editor of that document? Is some other
> TMRG membership required, except this - being member of mailing list?
> 3) If writing RFC is not possible,what do you propose for publicly
> displaying idea and receiving feedback?
> Thank you in advance,
> Milenkoski A.
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