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Fred Glover <> Tue, 14 April 1992 01:54 UTC

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Subject: fyi: meeting minutes; pls send any comments

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9            IETF/TSIG Trusted NFS Working Group
9                January '92 Meeting Summary

_W_o_r_k_i_n_g _G_r_o_u_p _C_h_a_i_r: _F_r_e_d _G_l_o_v_e_r


          Fran Fadden     DEC
          Jonathon Fraser DEC
          Fred Glover     DEC
          Ali Gohshan     HP
          Narayan Makaram Amdahl Corporation
          Mark Saake      Lawrence Livermore Labs
          Carl Smith      Sun Microsystems, Inc.
          Charlie Watt    SecureWare

_1.  _I_E_T_F/_T_S_I_G _T_N_F_S _W_o_r_k_i_n_g _G_r_o_u_p _M_e_e_t_i_n_g _S_u_m_m_a_r_y

_1._1.  _G_e_n_e_r_a_l _S_u_m_m_a_r_y

The TNFS working group met in January as a  joint  IETF/TSIG
working group.  By the end of this meeting, we achieved clo-
sure on the  TNFS  document;  all  outstanding  issues  were
resolved.   The  updated  document  will  be archived, and a
request will be made to advance the document  from  Internet
Draft to Proposed Standard.

_1._2.  _M_e_e_t_i_n_g _S_u_m_m_a_r_y

During the January meeting, we:

     o    inspected (page by page review) the  modifications
          to the TNFS document,

     o    reviewed the TKM specification

     o    discussed the DNSIX token mapping mechanism

     o    discussed plans for associated TNFS documentation

     o    reviewed  interoperability  opportunities,  future

     o    discussed TSIG document numbering;  assigned  TSIG
          document numbers

_1._2._1.  _T_N_F_S _D_o_c_u_m_e_n_t _R_e_v_i_e_w

The IETF TNFS document has been available  for  comments  in

*** IETF/TSIG TNFS Working Group - 01/92 Meeting Summary ***

                           - 2 -

the  IETF Draft directory and TNFS archive since July, 1991.
During the January meeting, the working group completed work
on  the resolution of all of the outstanding draft comments,
and voted to advance the draft to that of Proposed Standard.
Conforming  implementations are being encouraged in order to
support future interoperability testing.

Final updates to the TNFS document include:

     o    the distinguished value will be changed from  ZERO
          to "all bits on"

     o    the document will be updated to clarify the use of
          process and file privileges

     o    a single privilege token will be included  in  the
          credential  and  file  attribute  structures; this
          token may be used to represent either a single  or
          multiple privilege sets

     o    client side auditing will be enabled by default; a
          note regarding auditing of non-MLS clients will be

     o    file name  labeling  and  multi-level  directories
          will  be included in the TNFS specification, along
          with new protocol operations to support them

     o    the client caching  section  will  be  updated  to
          reflect  additional  considerations  in the use of
          cached information after a modification to a  pro-
          cess' security attributes

The updated document will be included in the IETF  and  TNFS

_1._2._2.  _T_o_k_e_n _M_a_n_a_g_e_r _R_e_v_i_e_w

Closure was also reached for TKM document,  in  its  support
for TNFS, with the following updates:

     o    include new protocol operation for inverse mapping
          (attribute to token)

     o    update the document to use the  AUTH_UNIX  creden-
          tial; this is required to eliminate initialization

The updated TKM document will be placed into the IETF  draft
directory and the TSIG TNFS archive.

_1._2._3.  _D_N_S_I_X _T_o_k_e_n _M_a_p_p_i_n_g

Charlie Watt  presented  an  overview  of  the  DNSIX  token

*** IETF/TSIG TNFS Working Group - 01/92 Meeting Summary ***

                           - 3 -

mapping  mechanism.   The  working group provided a few edi-
torial comments back to him.  The major issue identified was
whether  this  Token Mapping model would be made public, and
thus available to the IETF community.  Charlie believed that
this  would  happen in the future, and a representative from
the government also confirmed that this was planned.  At the
present  time,  however, the document is not publicly avail-
able.  So any  possibilities  for  potential  IETF  use  are
delayed until the document can be distributed.

_1._2._4.  _A_s_s_o_c_i_a_t_e_d _T_N_F_S _D_o_c_u_m_e_n_t_a_t_i_o_n

The working group recommended that the  TNFS  Implementation
and  TNFS  Adminstration  guides  be  updated  based  on the
October '91 reviews of these documents, and then  placed  in
the  TNFS  archive  and the IETF Draft directory as informa-
tional RFCs.

_1._2._5.  _I_n_t_e_r_o_p_e_r_a_b_i_l_i_t_y _T_e_s_t_i_n_g

The working group reviewed the progress of  implementations,
and discussed the possibility of interoperability testing at
the April IETF/TSIG  meeting.   A  proposed  test  plan  was
reviewed, which would be used for this purpose.

_1._2._6.  _T_S_I_G _D_o_c_u_m_e_n_t _N_u_m_b_e_r_i_n_g

During the plenary session, a document numbering scheme  was
selected.  Using this scheme, the working group assigned the
following document numbers:

          TNFS Specification:TSIG-TNFS-001.02.01

          TNFS Test Plan:TSIG-TNFS-002.01.01

          TNFS Test Attributes:TSIG-TNFS-003.01.01

          TNFS Implementation Guide:TSIG-TNFS-004.01.01

          TNFS Administation Guide:TSIG-TNFS-005.01.01

          TNFS TKM Specification:TSIG-TNFS-006.01.01

          TNFS tnfs.hTSIG-TNFS-007.01.01

_1._3.  _N_e_x_t _M_e_e_t_i_n_g

The TNFS group will plan to meet as both a TSIG and an  IETF
working  group  at the April meeting in Mountain View, Cali-
fornia. At that meeting, we will plan to:

     o    review the "final" version of the  TNFS  documents
          (updated  documents  placed  into the TNFS archive
          and IETF drafts directory: Fred, Fran, Carl, Ali)

*** IETF/TSIG TNFS Working Group - 01/92 Meeting Summary ***

                           - 4 -

     o    review the interoperability test plan (all)

     o    update/develop NFS test suite extension  for  TNFS

     o    identify conforming implementations to support our
          request to transition our TNFS document (all)

     o    investigate NFS lock manager  and  status  monitor
          for B1/CMW extensions (Charlie)

     o    commence identification of auditable  TNFS  events

     o    place "tnfs.h", test plan,  test  attributes  into
          TNFS archive (Fred)

The April meeting is planned for the  28th-30th  at  Silicon
Graphics in Mountain View, California.

*** IETF/TSIG TNFS Working Group - 01/92 Meeting Summary ***