Who's going to be in Boston

"Jeffrey A. Edelheit" <edelheit@smiley.mitre.org> Tue, 23 June 1992 14:05 UTC

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Subject: Who's going to be in Boston
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Folks - I'm a little concerned with the few responses that I have gotten 
to date.  I've only gotten 19 folks saying that they will be attending. 
The respondents and their chosen working group are:

Name		Organization	CIPSO	TNFS	TSESS	Tadmin	X    Coord

Sharp		AT&T		1					
Smith		AT&T						1	
Blauner		Bellcore					1	
Christenson	Cray		1					
Barlow		DEC				1			
Glover		DEC			1				
Throop		DG		1					
Badve		HP		1					
Benzinger	Loral					1		1
Edelheit	MITRE					1		1
Lemoine		MITRE				1			
Wisseman	Oracle				1			
Lewis		Paramax					1		1
Brown		Sandia				1			
Jagels		SecureWare			1			
Watt		SecureWare		1				
Schuman		SGI		1					
Smith		Sun			1				
Total				5	3	5	3	2	3

I need to provide attendance numbers by WG to the IETF today!!  The
numbers are also needed to help plan a no-host dinner.  Please
help me out so that I can make sure that the rooms we get have enough
seats.  With the kinds of numbers shown above, I'm not sure that most
of the WGs can make any progress this meeting.

I hope to post an agenda within the next day or so.  If you have nay
questions, please contact me.


Jeff Edelheit		email:  edelheit@mitre.org
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