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Barry Miracle <miracle@sctc.com> Fri, 12 June 1992 22:16 UTC

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From: Barry Miracle <miracle@sctc.com>
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Subject: X-TSIG Mailing List
Sender: tsig-request@wdl1.wdl.loral.com

>>> Submissions to the tsig list: tsig@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
>>> Additions/deletions/questions: tsig-request@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
>>> Archive Server: listserv@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
>"epstein@trwacs.fp.trw.com" has made request to see if anyone else out
>there would like to subscribe to the list ??
>To recap, the following lists are valid for the "tsig" activities:

Please put me on the x-tsig list.

>Please send requests to me or tsig-request and I'll put you
>P.S. It is standing tsig policy (mine) that if you are member of a sub-group
>(x-tsig for example) that you are also on the "tsig" list since this is
>where most of the "action" is (General Annoucements etc..).
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