Upcoming TSIG Events

Aaron Schuman <schuman@eacces.wpd.sgi.com> Thu, 30 April 1992 23:37 UTC

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At the end of today's TSIG session, we planned out some of our upcoming
TSIG events.

During the week of July 13, 1992, TSIG will meet in Cambridge, MA,
in conjunction with the IEEE.  Jeff Edelheit (edelheit@mitre.org,
703-883-7586) will coordinate our activities with the IEEE.
(Julie LeMoine and Paul Cummings will provide Jeff with local support.)

September 22-24, 1992, TSIG will meet in St. Paul, MN, thanks to the
sponsorship of Cray Research.  September 21 there will be a CIPSO
interoperability test at Cray, open to any vendor who has an implementation
they wish to test.  The test on the 21st is an engineering workshop,
not a press event, and only implementors are invited.

In January, 1993, TSIG will meet in a snow-free site, location to be

During the week of March 29 to April 2, 1993, TSIG will meet in
Columbus, OH, in conjunction with the IEEE.


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