Quick Poll: Who is ready for TNFS testing in September?

Fred Glover <fglover@zk3.dec.com> Fri, 14 August 1992 16:12 UTC

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From: Fred Glover <fglover@zk3.dec.com>
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Subject: Quick Poll: Who is ready for TNFS testing in September?
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	I'm sending this message to the large list to make sure everyone
gets a chance to respond.  Our next major TNFS milestone is to engage in 
interoperability testing.  This is a quick check to see if anyone is ready to 
test TNFS at the September meeting at Cray.  Please respond to me 
(fglover@zk3.dec.com) if yes.

	Otherwise, I'll be recommending that the TNFS group not meet
in September, and Carl Smith and I will attempt to identify a location
for TNFS interoperability testing in November '92 and/or Connectathon '93. 

	Note: The TNFS minutes from the last meeting are in the TNFS archive,
as well as available via ftp from IETF.