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Subject: Archive Server Update, ETC.....

>>> Submissions to the tsig list:
>>> Additions/deletions/questions:
>>> Archive Server:

I have completed a long awaited and delayed update of the archive server
on hosts Please let me know if something is missing.
Sorry for any delays in posting information. I know I got behind so I came
in today to clean things up and post archives and update the mailing lists.

Do Not Send Messages to tsig-request or any *-request@wdl1 because they
directly to me, not the archive server. I can not manually send message to
you from the archive. I have to request they and resend them. Thanks.

Remember, if you forget archive server commands, just send a msg as

Subject: <leave this area blank>

Thats it, no subject is required and the word 'help' on a line by itself in
text area of the message will send you instructions. All commands
are on lines by themselves. You can 'nest' commands in the same message
but commands must be on lines by themselves. Example:


If you have a "signature" or something added by your mailer, you will get
a message saying the archive-server did not understand your command.
BUT, don't worry, it will process commands up to the signature. You request
will be processed (I found this out today when I requested the index below
and got a reject allong with the index requested). I traced it out in the
code so ignore the reject (unless ofcourse you don't receive your
request within afew minutes or so). The server checks mail every minute
so responce should be fairly quick.

If you want an index (like the one that follows) send the one word command
'index' and "wham", down it comes.

Here is the index that I requested today after updates.
Please notice that I have posted the  ASCII text version of the
"Orange-Book" in directory 'orange-book'. Our thanks to Aaron Schumann of

"e-bee e-bee e-bee  - - - Thats All Folks"


Archive: LISTSERV (path: listserv) -- Files:
  info (1 part) -- Info about the master archive
  refcard (1 part) -- List of available requests
	This is a brief listing of all recognizable requests
  tsig-tsess-2-1.0.txt (1 part)  

Subarchive: TSIG (path: tsig) -- Files:
  trees1.shar (1 part)  
  trees2.shar (1 part)  
  trees3.shar (1 part)  
  trees4.shar (1 part) (1 part) (1 part)  
  feb-91-minutes (1 part)  

Subarchive: CIPSO (path: cipso) -- Files:
  cipso (1 part)  
  cipso-charter.nroff (1 part) (1 part)  
  cipso-charter.troff (1 part) (1 part) (1 part)  
  cipso-rfc.txt (1 part)  
  cipso_2.0 (1 part)  
  minutes-07-92 (1 part)  

Subarchive: NETADMIN (path: netadmin) -- Files:
  netadmin-slides-feb91 (1 part)  
  netadmin-slides-feb91-annotated (1 part)  
  netadmin-slides-may91 (1 part)  
  sitp-paper (1 part)  
  tsig-tadm-6-1.0 (1 part)  

Subarchive: SESSIONS (path: sessions) -- Files:
  tsig-tsess-1-1.0 (1 part)  
  gosip-labels (1 part)  
  minutes-02-91 (1 part)  
  minutes-04-90 (1 part)  
  minutes-05-91 (1 part)  
  minutes-06-90 (1 part)  
  minutes-07-91 (1 part)  
  minutes-09-90 (1 part)  
  minutes-10-91 (1 part)  
  minutes-11-90 (1 part)  
  tsig-tsess-6-1.0 (1 part) (1 part) (1 part)  
  tsig-tsess-2-1.0.txt (1 part) (2 parts)  
  tsig-tsess-3-1.0 (1 part)  
  minutes-07-92 (1 part)  
  tswg_cmds_profile_v1_1.txt (1 part) (1 part) (1 part)  

Subarchive: SITP (path: sitp) -- Files: (1 part) (1 part)  
  sitp-paper.txt (1 part)  
  sitp-spec (2 parts)  
  sitp-spec.txt (1 part)  

Subarchive: TNFS (path: tnfs) -- Files:
  feb_91_snfs_minutes (1 part)  
  ietf-online.txt (1 part)  
  nov_90_snfs_minutes (1 part)  
  oct_91_tnfs_minutes (1 part)  
  snfs-draft-charter (1 part)  
  snfs-draft-charter.nroff (1 part) (1 part)  
  snfs-draft-rfc (1 part)  
  snfs-draft-rfc.nroff (1 part) (2 parts)  
  tnfs-charter.txt (1 part) (2 parts)  
  tnfs-draft-rfc.txt (1 part)  
  tsig-sample.nfs.h (1 part)  
  tsig-tnfs-001.02.02 (2 parts)  
  tsig-tnfs-002.01.01 (1 part)  
  tsig-tnfs-003.01.01 (1 part) (2 parts)  
  tsig-tnfs-006.01.01.txt (1 part)  
  tsig-tnfs-007.01.01 (1 part)  
  tnfs-007.01.02.txt (1 part)  
  tnfs-008.01.01.txt (1 part)  
  tnfs-index-009.01.01.txt (1 part)  

Subarchive: X-TSIG (path: x-tsig) -- Files:
  minutes-01-92 (1 part)  

Subarchive: UNIX (path: unix) -- Files:
  info (1 part)  

Subarchive: ORANGE-BOOK (path: orange-book) -- Files:
  orange-book (5 parts)  
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