Re: Applications Working Group

Gary Winiger <> Sat, 11 July 1992 01:21 UTC

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From: Gary Winiger <>
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Subject: Re: Applications Working Group
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>July meeting, I would like your feedback on this proposed group. The scope of
>the working group could include API issues for secure mail, trusted databases,
>secure ftp and telnet, and X applications.  

	I'm not sure I understand the scope.  Is this a suggestion that the
API be applicable to someone who may wish to code applications such as
secure mail, TDB, ....  Or is there something that I don't see here about 
what your proposing about an API (Application Programming Interface)?  

	Any how, isn't POSIX.6 just such an API?  Won't the platform / OS
companies be compelled to provide .6?  I realize that .6 is not done quite
yet, but wonder if proposing an alternative API to .6 is a wise use of TSIG

	I'm sorry I won't be able to make the July meeting.  I hope to be
able to start contributing to TSIG again later this year.  In any case,
I'm interested in following the activities of such a group.