Tuesday AM plenary

"Jeffrey A. Edelheit" <edelheit@smiley.mitre.org> Tue, 09 June 1992 15:42 UTC

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Subject: Tuesday AM plenary
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We traditionally start our Tues. AM plenary at 9:00.  However, since we
are jointly meeting with the IETF and they have a technical presentation
from 9:00 to 9:30, I propose that move our start time back to 9:30.

One reason for my proposal is that I'd like to hear the the Tuesday AM speaker,
Mitch Kapor of the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EEF).  The EEF has, among
other things, provided financial and technical support for defendents in
criminal hacker trials.  Kapor was also one of the founders of Lotus
Development Corp.

Also, I have only two requests for plenary slots so far:  one from
Charlie Watt and one from Mark Smith.  Does anyone else have anything
to present?  If you do, please give me an idea as to the amt. of time
you'ld like.  I'd also appreciate it if Charlie and Mark would confirm
there plenary topics and time required.

Also, there will be a Tues. AM report on the previous day's IETF/TSIG
coordination mtg. (The coordination mtg. will be held Mon. PM. and is
open to any person wishing to contribute.)


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