Doug Brown's News

Aaron Schuman <> Thu, 09 April 1992 19:02 UTC

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Subject: Doug Brown's News

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Send Doug a get well soon card at  :-(  <Aaron>

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Sorry to inform you that I won't be able to make the TSIG meeting (again),
this time due to non-work related events.  I had a bicycle accident on Monday,
March 30 on my way home, and broke my left elbow into several pieces.  The
doctors managed to put it together again with plates and screws, and I'm
recovering well; however, I don't think I'll be up to an out-of-town trip
this soon.  They did salvage the funny bone, so I still have a sense of humor.
Am operating from home and typing with one hand for now.

Tell everyone hello for me and express my regrets at not being able to make
                                        Doug Brown