No Earth Movement Here

Aaron Schuman <> Mon, 27 April 1992 16:44 UTC

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From: Aaron Schuman <>
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Subject: No Earth Movement Here

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I don't know what the press coverage of the Humboldt County earthquakes
has been like in other parts of the country, but we all know that headline
writers try to keep their readers excited.

The facts of the matter are

	* Humboldt County was hit very hard this weekend, and the damage
	  was extensive.

	* It was probably coincidence that the Humboldt quakes happened
	  so soon after the Palm Springs quake.

	* Both Humboldt County and Palm Springs are far away from Mountain
	  View, and we didn't feel anything here.

	* The San Francisco Bay area will probably suffer another
	  earthquake as bad as the 1989 Loma Prieta quake at some point
	  in the next thirty years.

	* The chances of experiencing a serious earthquake in this area 
	  during April 28-30 are not significantly different than the
	  chances during any other three day period in the next 30 years.

TSIG will still meet here this week.  San Franciscans are taking this
weekend's events calmly, and so should you.  

See you all tomorrow.  Have a good trip.


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