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TSIG Trusted Administration Working Group Minutes for September '92

The TSIG Trusted Administration working group met September 22 
and 23 at the TSIG hosted by Cray Research. The following attended:

Name			Company			E-mail

Lee Benzinger		Loral WDL		lab@wdl1.wdl.loral.com

Jeff Edelheit		MITRE			edelheit@mitre.org

Jim Hurley		Sun Microsystems Fed	hurley@EBay.sun.com

Dave Krejci		Sterling Software	dave@sterling.com

Kent Landfield		Sterling Software	kent@sterling.com

Wally Ramsey		MITRE			wbr@mitre.org

Joe Thompson		IBM Federal Systems Co.	thompsnj@wmavm7.vnet.ibm.com

Jeff Walker		PRC

These minutes are a slightly expanded version of the notes already 
distributed by Mark Christiansen of Cray.

Among the issues that were discussed were:

The AITP/SMP Controversy -- In the near term we decided that:

	* We would offer the AITP spec as a way to minimally address 
	  audit data transfer for a particular set of customers 
	  (the DODIIS community)

	* This would be a TSIG spec.

	* This would meet immediate needs.

Audit data transfer -- In the longer term it seems that:

	* SNMP2 takes care of shortcomings with SNMP for audit
	  data transfer.	

IETF TSADMIN Relationship:

	* TSADMIN - Spin off working groups as issues become more 
	  focussed. Among the possible working groups that might 
	  be spun off are:

		- Audit MIB(s) 

		- Host MIB 


	* TSADMIN - Build and extend work that is already being done. 
	  Among the documents that would be relevant to the working 
	  group are:

		- 1003.6 POSIX Current Drafts for user context 
		  and auditing

		- Host MIB in RFC

		- ISO Documents 8824 (ASN.1) and 8825

		- Simple Book and Open Book by Marshall Rose

		- RFC 1212 - Reference for a Concise MIB

		- RFC 1351 - SNMP Administrative Model

		- RFC 1352 - SNMP Security Protocols

		- RFC 1353 - Definitions for Managed Objects for SNMP

		- RFC 1155 - SNMP over TCP (obsoletes RFC 1065)


	* POSIX 1003.6 - Wally Ramsey and Lee Benzinger

	* Host MIB - Jeff Edelheit

	* Simple Book - All

	* ASN.1 - Kent Landfield and Jeff Walker

	* Documents - Joe Thompson, Jim Hurley, 
	  Lee Benzinger

	* MIB Compiler - Kent Landfield

	* Document AITP/SNMP2 concerns 

Issue: TSADMIN needs vendor participation. As an example, 
privileges sets and semantics for privileges are different for 
different CMWs.

	Request: Vendor documentation for system administration 
        TFM documents

Issue: TSADMIN needs customer participation. The updates to 
DNSIX 3.0 would be helpful.

At the next meeting Jeff Walker will give a talk to the plenary 
entitled ``A Normalized Format for Audit Data.''

There was a discussion of extending the functionality of the 
TSIG mailing and archiving service to provide a repository 
of all the TSIG messages. This will be taken back to Loral WDL. 
Anonymous ftp access is being provided by Sterling Software 
for mirrored copies of the TSIG Loral WDL archive.

Speaking only for myself, the Trusted Administration working 
group seemed to have less difficulty finding a focus for 
this meeting. This was very encouraging.

Future Meeting

The next meeting of TSIG is scheduled for Redwood Shores, CA from
December 1 - 3.
The meeting will be hosted by Oracle.

			-- Lee Benzinger