TNFS interoperability testing near/at next TSIG meeting?

Fred Glover <> Wed, 07 October 1992 21:57 UTC

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From: Fred Glover <>
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Subject: TNFS interoperability testing near/at next TSIG meeting?

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This is another "poll" to determine TNFS interoperabilty testing readiness.

The next TSIG meeting is being held in Redwood Shores, California, December
1-3.  Carl Smith has indicated that Sun would be willing to sponsor TNFS
Interoperability testing in November, perhaps a few days before the TSIG 
meeting (but that is Thanksgiving weekend), or a few days after the TSIG

Are there any implementors who would be ready to test in that timeframe?
If so, what dates would be preferable to you?

Please respond to me,

Fred Glover
TNFS Chair