To the Hotel by Train

Julie Lemoine <> Fri, 10 July 1992 18:21 UTC

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From: Julie Lemoine <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1992 13:17:51 EDT
Subject: To the Hotel by Train

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  OFFICE MEMO          To the Hotel by Train                  Date:7/9/92
Hi All,
I thought you might all want directions to the Hotel via the T (the train)
from Boston's Logan airport.

1) Take the Blue line at Logan to Government Center.
2) Switch at Government Center to the Green line OUTBOUND on a B train
toward Boston College
3) Take this Green line B train to the BU (Boston University stop) and get
off the T.   This stop is above ground.
4) Look across the Charles River (the only river around) and you will see
the hotel.  It looks like two staircases.  You have to walk across the BU
bridge to get to the hotel. 

This is the closest T stop to the Hyatt Hotel.    Don't be afraid to ask the
friendly Boston people (ha) for help if you are not sure.  Just don't expect
any help.