TSIG Archives Available via Anonymous FTP

Kent Landfield <kent@imd.sterling.com> Fri, 25 September 1992 23:14 UTC

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Subject: TSIG Archives Available via Anonymous FTP
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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 92 17:26:39 CDT
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>>> Submissions to the tsig list: tsig@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
>>> Additions/deletions/questions: tsig-request@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
>>> Archive Server: listserv@wdl1.wdl.loral.com

One of the problems that I have had with the TSIG archives for a while is
that they are not easy to get at or deal with.  The only access is via 
listserv.  Due to problems with large messages going through some sites 
mailers, some of the documents have been broken into pieces further making 
it harder to deal with the archive.  

At the TSIG meeting this week I announced FTP access to the TSIG archives. 
The TSIG archives are available from sparky.sterling.com via anonymous 
FTP.  The wdl1.wdl.loral.com archive is mirrored daily to assure the FTP
archive is kept up-to-date.  WAIS and gopher access are in progress.

Please, this is not a criticism of the excellent volunteer effort that 
Bill has provided in our behalf or the generosity of Loral in allowing 
us to continue to utilize their facilities.  To both, I say thanks. The 
intent here is to increase the exposure of the documents stored in the 
archives and to provide increased functionality not provided by a 
listserv archive.  

It was also suggested by some that the message header be changed so 
that people would know there was an alternate way to access the archives.  
Such as...

 >>> Submissions to the tsig list: tsig@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
 >>> Additions/deletions/questions: tsig-request@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
 >>> Archive Server: archive-server@wdl1.wdl.loral.com
 >>> Anonymous FTP Access: sparky.sterling.com

[Bill, could you fix this up ?  Thanks]

I am hoping to have WAIS and Gopher access available in the next two weeks.  

I currently do not have all the messages that passed through the
working group mailing lists and neither does wdl1.  I do not have 
any of the messages for cipso, sessions or x-tsig.  If someone would 
like to make those available to me I will be happy to put them on the 
archive on sparky.  All future traffic on these lists will be available 
on sparky.

I have also made a directory, "ftp/tsig/source" which currently contains
the source to mibcc, an SNMP MIB compiler recently posted to the newsgroup
comp.sources.misc.  Enjoy!

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