i need some help

Todd Kennell <kennellt@lamar.colostate.edu> Mon, 06 December 1993 19:17 UTC

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Subject: i need some help

My roomate will be studying aboard in your country next semester from the
United States.  We were hoping to talk to each other by e-mail just to
keep in touch and beacause i will be jioning im him in Autrailia when I
get out of school.  I was just wondering if there is a sustudent setr
service that he can use so that we can keep in touch. He will be at 
University of Austrailia at Adeliade. If you could beplease wite write
me back and give anyy information you have that mu might be helpful.
Thank you very much and I look forqrd to dee your country.  Memy address is
as follows kennellt@lamar> here it goes kennellt@lamar.colostate.edu

                             Thank you very much
                                             Todd Kennell
P.S. please excuse my typing I am a new user and have fidifficulties
     correcting my errors.