Minutes, November 1- DRAFT

Petri Helenius <pete@eunet.fi> Wed, 03 November 1993 22:08 UTC

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Subject: Minutes, November 1- DRAFT

> 	There are a few terminal based client available.  Chris Weider offered to 
> compile a list of clients 
> 	and servers and post them to the ietf-wnils@ucdavis.edu mailing list.  
> There is still a need for 
> 	graphical user interfaces to Whois++ as a directory service to provide wide 
> scale testing.

I recommend that we pursue the possiblity of using existing graphical
clients (such as Mosaic/WWW) before going to re-implement the wheel.

Please take a look at http://whois.eunet.fi and see a simple whois++
graphical client. (if you use a Xwin-based client)