Change of delimiters and separators

Rickard Schoultz <> Sun, 26 June 1994 12:32 UTC

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Subject: Change of delimiters and separators
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 1994 14:27:30 +0200
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From: Rickard Schoultz <>

There is a suggestion to change the delimiters and to remove the
semicolon as an alias for 'AND'.  The reason for this is ease of parsing
a query and the fact that there would be a problem in creating a multi-
value local constraint (as the global cnstrnt INCLUDE) with the current

Change of delimiters:

  ':'  (as before) to separate search terms and global constraints

  ';'  to separate search keyword from constraints and delimit between

  ','  to delimit contraint values


   name=weider and template=user:include=name,email,work-phone;maxhits=10

   name=Gamiel;search=exact;case=consider and name=ke;search=lstring

We have been discussing this in private email and couldn't find any real
problems except incompatibility with already deployed whois++ servers.
Anyone with a better eye?