Whois++ constraints

Mark Prior <mrp@itd.adelaide.edu.au> Thu, 08 April 1993 06:31 UTC

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Subject: Whois++ constraints
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Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1993 15:16:06 +0930
From: Mark Prior <mrp@itd.adelaide.edu.au>

Can we please agree to change the syntax for the constaints before our
respective servers are released.

I would suggest the following syntax

<keyword> [ "=" <value> ] { "," <keyword> [ "=" <value> ] }

Having "," as a separator allows an implementation that doesn't support
all the options to easily skip over constraints it doesn't understand
by just skipping up to the next ",".

I would also like to transform the constraints "full", "handle",
"abridged", and "summary" into "format=(full|handle|abridged|summary)".
This will allow us to easily add formats, such as mime, later on
without extending the keywords into infinity.