Re: Whois++ Implementations

Kevin Gamiel <> Thu, 29 September 1994 12:45 UTC

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First cut consisting of client, server and http gateway available at 


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On Tue, 27 Sep 1994, Jeff R. Allen wrote:

> (Apologies to those who have seen this on the ietf-asid list. It was
> suggested to me that the Whois++ people still hang out on this list.)
> I have followed the development of the Whois++ protocol with great
> interest over the last year or so, and I would like to experiment a
> bit with it and see how I can help out getting it deployed.
> I am taking a Software Development class this semester here at Harvey
> Mudd, and I'm planning on leading a project to make an API and library
> to make programming Whois++ clients easy, so easy, for instance, that
> MUA authors will be willing to add support for fuzzy matches to the
> "To:" prompt, etc. (Of course, the library will make writing
> stand-alone clients easy to write too.)
> I am hoping to contribute in this way because, in my experience, it is
> the "killer application" that causes users to force sysadmins and
> executives to commit to promising new applications (especially those
> which require an infrastructure of servers with which the clients will
> interoperate.)
> Anyway, the reason for all of this is that I'd like to try to gather
> some information on Whois++ implementations. If you have implemented a
> client or a server, please contact me with details. Thanks!
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