Whois++ Implementations

"Jeff R. Allen" <jallen@muddcs.cs.hmc.edu> Tue, 27 September 1994 21:28 UTC

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(Apologies to those who have seen this on the ietf-asid list. It was
suggested to me that the Whois++ people still hang out on this list.)

I have followed the development of the Whois++ protocol with great
interest over the last year or so, and I would like to experiment a
bit with it and see how I can help out getting it deployed.

I am taking a Software Development class this semester here at Harvey
Mudd, and I'm planning on leading a project to make an API and library
to make programming Whois++ clients easy, so easy, for instance, that
MUA authors will be willing to add support for fuzzy matches to the
"To:" prompt, etc. (Of course, the library will make writing
stand-alone clients easy to write too.)

I am hoping to contribute in this way because, in my experience, it is
the "killer application" that causes users to force sysadmins and
executives to commit to promising new applications (especially those
which require an infrastructure of servers with which the clients will

Anyway, the reason for all of this is that I'd like to try to gather
some information on Whois++ implementations. If you have implemented a
client or a server, please contact me with details. Thanks!

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