LDAP Whois++ server now available

Mark Prior <mrp@itd.adelaide.edu.au> Mon, 26 April 1993 13:28 UTC

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Subject: LDAP Whois++ server now available
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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1993 22:22:34 +0930
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From: Mark Prior <mrp@itd.adelaide.edu.au>

My LDAP whois++ server is now ready to go!

It's not entirely complete but neither is the whois++ draft and I'm
getting pretty sick of just fiddling around with it so here it is.

You will need LDAP (from the University of Michigan), and if you
haven't built that before you will need ISODE too.

It implements most of the mandatory parts of the current draft, it
doesn't really do abridged format. See the BUGS file for more info on
what it doesn't do.

It is a BETA release, and probably will remain that way until the
whois++ drafts transform themselves into RFCs, so don't expect perfect
code (and it is tacking in places :-). There is no support for the
language constraint yet and this means that the attribute names
printed are X.500 attribute names rather than whois++ ones, with
language support there will be a lookup table to handle this.

So where can you find the distribution?

Comments should either be directed to me or the ietf-wnils list.


PS Both my servers are running this code (wp.adelaide.edu.au and
whois.adelaide.edu.au) so if you can (or don't want to) build it you
can at least pound them :-)