Re: whois++ response formats...

Martin Hamilton <> Wed, 15 September 1993 15:44 UTC

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From: Martin Hamilton <>
Subject: Re: whois++ response formats...
To: Rickard Schoultz <>
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Rickard Shoultz said:

> Martin,
>  I think your set of responses are as good as any.  My opinion is that
> we need a BNF (Peter?) for the FULL response, and use that to form the
> responses from system commands.
> If we start out with:

Sounds great to me.

PS How about "version" for the version handle ?

PPS Anybody given any thought to the possibility of there
being (say) USER templates mk II, III, IV... etc ?  Perhaps
templates should have version numbers too?!? :-)  -- in
which case the "version" template could be pressed into
service to track the template versions, e.g.


Just a thought